For adjusting an astrological chart to the most precise position an exact time data of year, month, day, hours, and minutes and a geographical location is needed, so certainly it is best if you can provide us with all this information to prepare your chart.

However, in our case the chart can be perceived rather as a symbol representing an event than a scientific depiction where the positioning of every component has to be mathematically accurate, so if you don’t know the exact time just give us an estimate.
If you don’t know even the period of the day we can simply set your chart to 12.00 pm – or you can specify the sign you want to be set ascending (the middle of the choosen sign will be set to the edge between the I. and the XII. houses), and we will adjust the chart accordingly. Of course, in this case the setting of the Zodiac circle will be rather arbitrary, but the arrangement of the celestials in relation to the Zodiac will still be quite accurate.

Preparing process of your individual chart:

First we use a professional software to calculate the exact location of each depicted celestial object and the point that was ascending at the horizon viewed from the chosen moment and place. We will prepare the drawing according to these calculations, set the Zodiac circle and arrange the celestials one by one.
As a final step we place the texts around the center circle. By default we display the time (d/m/y) above and the place (city) below the center tree symbol, but if you wish you can specify any other content (e.g. marriage: names of the couple, birth chart: full name, graduation gift: motto of the school etc.) within a 20 character limitation.
For examples and ideas of different text arrangements please visit our Gallery or our blogposts about personalized gift ideas.

The digital drawing will be printed on Canon’s finest 210 gr Pro Premium Matte Photo Paper using Canon’s premium quality ChromaLife100+ 8-ink system.

Please note that due to monitor calibration actual colors of the print (deep blue with a slight hue of indigo) may differ slightly from the color on your screen. The print comes unmatted and unframed.

You can order your print in two sizes:

  • 5”x5” (12.7×12.7 cm) drawing with ½ “ margin (40 USD)
  • 7”x7” (17.8×17.8 cm) drawing with ½ “ margin (50 USD)

We can accept payment only via bank transfer.

You can order your custom-made chart by clicking here or on Order in the Menu on the left.