WEDDING GIFT, ANNIVERSARY GIFT – personalized gift ideas

Looking for a wall decor as a wedding gift or as an anniversary present and tired of pictures shouting nothing more than some calligraphic version of ‘Mrs&Mr X’ and ‘Happy Anniversary’ at you?

Let’s be honest: these kinds of ‘wall arts’ sooner or later end up in the closet or in the garage in some paper boxes – or, worst case, in the garbage. They are barely more than a Christmas card you keep for two weeks on the mantelpiece then throw away.
And there’s nothing wrong with that if all you want from your wedding gift is to say ‘Hi, this is just an acknowledgement of your getting married, wish you all the best, bye’. But if you have more than a casual acquaintance with the wedding couple you might want to give something that means more than that.

wedding gift ideas - wall art, wall decor, personalized weeding gift ideas
wedding gift ideas – wall art, wall decor, personalized weeding gift
wedding anniversary gift ideas - wall art, wall decor, personalized anniversary gift ideas
wedding anniversary gift ideas – wall art, wall decor, personalized anniversary gift

Something that is delicate and elegant, worth displaying on the wall, even more than a month after the wedding, something that really decorates the home of your friends or family. Something that is subtle, that can recall the important occasion without being visually obtrusively connected to it, something that will last and can serve as a reminder even decades later.

If that’s the case, our personalized astrological chart art prints are definitely something to consider for you, even if you, or the couple you plan to surprise with the gift do not believe in astrology.
Any kind of astrological chart is basically like an abstract snapshot of the visible universe: a depiction of the sky showing the position of the Sun, the Moon, the planets of our solar system and the constellations of the 12 Zodiac signs, as seen from a given place at a given moment. Every chart is unique and peculiar to the moment, because due to the rules determining the movements of the elements of the universe an arrangement can never exactly reoccur. Thus a depiction of an arrangement can be seen as a memento of that moment – and that’s all you need to realize to become to appreciate the symbolism of an astrological chart.

Wedding is one of the most important rites of passage, and has been present in society since the early ages of humankind – just as the ancient symbols of astrology our chart’s design was based on. That can give a fine, elusive addition to the aesthetic values of any kind of art print or decoration.

There are plenty of options to personalize our wedding chart prints.
First, you have to choose the moment the chart will be made for. The wedding/anniversary date is an obvious choice, but if you are close to the couple, you might know a moment in their history that’s even more important to them. Maybe a first date, the proposal, a kiss, a special evening, or an afternoon in the park they spent together was a more defining moment for them than the wedding date will be.

If you decided about the moment, you can personalize the two text lines around the central wheel of the chart. We display the time and the place by default, but you can specify any other content inside a 20 character limitation.
Below you find a few examples and ideas of different text arrangements.

You find information about available sizes and prizes, delivery and the preparing process of a chart in the left menu.