Our astrological chart is available in two sizes:
5”x5” (12.7×12.7 cm) drawing with ½ “ margin (40 USD)
7”x7” (17.8×17.8 cm) drawing with ½ “ margin (50 USD)

Our Zodiac prints are available in one size:
5”x5” (12.7×12.7 cm) drawing with ½ “ margin (30 USD)

All prints come unmatted and unframed.

If you have any special requests (e.g. special size, two graphics on one print etc.), please contact us here or on our Facebook page, we will try to do our best to meet your expectations.

Delivery prizes (for detailed information please see Delivery)

Standard Mail  Priority Mail   registered Priority Mail
inside Europe 4-9 days $3 3-5 days $3.25 $6.25
outside Europe 7-21 days $3.50 5-10 days $3.75 $6.75

 estimated delivery times by the Magyar Posta (Hungarian Postal Service), all prices in USD

If you happen to live in Budapest and prefer in-store pickup you find us here.

We can accept payment only via bank transfer.