“Initially the concept of this site started out while I was contemplating different ideas for a very personal present for a special occasion.
I’ve been working in different areas of architectural and graphical design for almost twenty years, so it was no surprise that most of the possibilities I came up with were graphic-related. I wanted to find something that can be private and public at the same time, something that commemorates the occasion without being visually obviously connected to it, something that will last and can serve as a reminder even decades later, something that has aesthetical values itself. A special astrological chart with individual design was one of the concepts that seemed to fit these requirements.
Eventually I ran with something quite different, but the idea kept on bugging my mind so finally I decided to draw the chart. All my life I’ve been very interested in the models invented through the thousands of years of human history to try to perceive and instantiate reality, be it quantum science, philosophical and metaphysical writings, religious or mythological tales or ancient practices like astrology. I was familiar with the profuse and artistic graphic tradition of the ancient and mediaeval astrological and astronomical charts and I’ve always found sad that today’s charts lack that visual richness. This was a nice opportunity to give my interpretation and to try to incorporate some of the related models in the context of astrology.

I started chartofthemoment.com to make this chart available for people who might be searching for a present for an occasion with similar thoughts in their mind like I was then. Or, who just simply like to muse on a colorful picture filled with symbols of long gone ages…”