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Quality prints of personalized ASTROLOGICAL CHARTS and custom-made ZODIAC GRAPHICS

We prepare, print and dispatch the astrological graphic of your choosing, custom-made based on our original design. We believe that the elegant, delicate drawing, the fine details, the smooth coloration and the excellent quality can make our print a really exceptional gift.

The idea behind our individualized  ASTROLOGICAL CHART PRINTS  is that whether you believe in any kind of interpretation or prediction based on astrology or not, the fact that the arrangement of the celestials at a given moment viewed from a given place is unique and will never precisely reoccur is unarguable – thus an astrological chart representing this arrangement is also uniqueA chart made for a specific moment and place can symbolize an event that has personal importance in your life – or in someone else’s life whom you might want to surprise with a really special gift..

For those who prefer more traditional astrological prints we recommend our   ZODIAC SERIES  – individual graphics made about each sign, with the possibility to personalize the prints with custom-made text.

If you’d rather prefer an article as a gift instead of a personalized paper print, check out the options in our  REDBUBBLE STORE,  with Tree of Life, 4 elements symbols and Zodiac constellation graphics available on dozens of different items.

Chart of the Moment might be a right place for you if you are looking for a personalized birthday or Christmas present, an anniversary gift, or if you are searching for a unique souvenir for a special occasion like a wedding, a birth of a child, a graduation , or a founding of a company.
It might be a right place for you if you’d like to have a memento that remembers you a time and place that has personal significance for you, or if you are just someone who is fascinated by the many thousands of years old symbols associated with astronomy, astrology, spirituality or the ancient lores and legends linked to the stars.

If that sounds interesting for you, please visit our Galleries here and here and have a look at some examples, or check out a few Chart Of The Week posts on our blog, where time to time we present charts made for momentous events of history, culture, science and society or for defining moments in a prominent person’s life.
On our blog you also find posts about the history of astrology and astronomy, stories and galleries about famous and less famous depictions of the Zodiac signs in architecture, manuscripts and artifacts, and various related topics.

If you are furthermore interested we also recommend you to read our simple introduction about the astronomical aspects of an astrological chart here, where you’ll also find a short summary with some useful links about the history of the symbols usually depicted in a chart and an embedded gallery of the graphic components specifically made for our design. In case you are interested to find out how the idea of this site was born you can read the thoughts of the designer of the chart here.

However, if you don’t have time and our Galleries already convinced you, all you have to do is read a few basic information regarding conditions of preparing an individual chart or a Zodiac print and about delivery to be able to place your order.

You can order your chart in two sizes:
5”x5” (12.7×12.7 cm) drawing with ½ “ margin (40 USD)
7”x7” (17.8×17.8 cm) drawing with ½ “ margin (50 USD)

Our Zodiac prints are available in one size:
5”x5” (12.7×12.7 cm) drawing with ½ “ margin (30 USD)

Have a nice day!